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contoh announcement dalam bahasa inggris

Announcement (pengumuman) adalah pernyataan lisan atau tertulis yang ditujukan untuk memberitahukan sesuatu kepada orang banyak.

Pengumuman lisan minimal memuat:
a. kepada siapa pengumuman tersebut ditujukan.

b. isi atau dimaksud dan pengumuman tersebut. Pengumuman lisan biasanya singkat dan diakhiri dengan ucapan terirna kasih.

di dalam bahasa inggris dikatakan pengertianya :
British English: announcementPronunciation for announcement An announcement is a public statement which gives information about something that has happened or that will happen....an announcement of a cut in the bank loan rate.əˈnaʊnsmənt NOUN

View thesaurus entry
= statement, communication, broadcast, explanation, publication, declaration, advertisement, testimony, disclosure, bulletin, communiqué, proclamation, utterance, intimation, promulgation, divulgence
= declaration, report, reporting, publication, revelation, disclosure, proclamation, intimation, promulgation, divulgence

a public statement
a brief item or advertisement, as in a newspaper
a formal printed or written invitation
the act of announcing

Example of Announcement

I’ve study about Announcement for English lesson. And i got task, to make an announcement. For me the spoken announcement was more easy than writen announcement.

So, I’ll give you the example of Spoken announcement.
topic: Dancing Contest
Our school will have a Dancing Competition that will be held on 14th march 2012.
Registration will be held on 10th-12th at Osis room
Free Registration and full of prize!

For More Information contact our Osis chairperson

Other example,

Topic: Kpop Gathering
Anyeong Haseyo! 

For all of Kpopers in our school. We will held a Kpop Gathering. This event purpose to make
all of the kpopers in our school could share an information about kpop each other. The excellent event for the Gathering is a Dance Competition and Parody of Korean Drama.
The Kpop Gathering will be held on 15 January 2012 at School yard.

For more information contact our Korean teacher or Osis chairperson

So, It’s easy right?  

topic :: weddding !!
Crystal Ray Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee of Madison,Wis., Mark William Robert, son of William Robert of Stevens Point,Wis., and Mary White of Milwaukee,Wis., were married on July 4th, 2012.

The ceremony was held at Madison Community Church in Madison, Wis., with Rev. Mark Lindstrom officiating at the ceremony.

Given in marriage by her father, the bride was attended by Lisa Wood as maid of honor with her sister Marsha Lee as bridesmaid.

The best man was Ralph Willow. Phillip Lee, brother of the bride; Wilson Tome, cousin of the groom; and Steven Wade served as ushers.

The bride graduated from University of Madison and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dance. She was employed by the University of Madison before moving to Seattle with her husband.

Mr. Robert has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Stevens Point and is employed by Print Publishing Company in Seattle, Wash.

After a cruise in the eastern pacific, the couple will reside in Seattle, Wash.

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