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contoh format surat kuasa dalam bahasa inggris

berikut ini contohnya :
Sample Power of Attorney

    I, ________________________________(Principal's name)
    __________________________________(Principal's address),
    being of sound mind and legal capacity, do hereby appoint
    ___________________________________(Agent's name)
    ___________________________________(Agent's address),
    as my true and lawful attorney in fact, to act for me in my name, place, and stead, and on my behalf to do and perform the following:

    (List agent's powers here, such as the power to buy or sell stock or real estate, write checks, etc.)
    The following property, interests, or rights shall be subject to this Power of Attorney:

    (Identify assets subject to agent's authority.)
    This Power of Attorney shall be effective on the date of ____________, 20___.
    This Power of Attorney shall remain in effect in the event that I should become or be declared disabled, incapacitated, or incompetent.
    This Power of Attorney shall terminate on the date of ____________, 20____, unless I have revoked it sooner. I may revoke this Power of Attorney at any time and in any manner.
    My agent shall be paid compensation for services pursuant to this Power of Attorney as follows:

    (Identify compensation agent will receive, if any.)
    This Power of Attorney shall be governed by the laws of the State of __________________.

In Witness Whereof, I have signed this Power of Attorney of my own free will.

Principal's Signature


Agreed to and Accepted by:

Agent's Signature


Subscribed and sworn to before me on this _____ day of _____________, 20____.


sedikit perlu kita tahu !!!
A power of attorney letter is a legal document that grants power over your financial or legal affairs to another person. Power of attorney letters are often used by people in the event they become incapacitated by age or injury and are unable to make decisions on their own. Because power of attorney letters are so commonly used, there are many sample forms and examples of different types of power of attorney letters available


Examples of power of attorney letters or forms allow you to follow an established template in creating the power of attorney document that best suits your needs. The function of a power of attorney should be to identify the extent and duration of the powers granted to your agent. By following a power of attorney letter example, you avoid the expense of hiring an attorney to draft your power of attorney letter, as well as many of the legal pitfalls of attempting to draft a power of attorney on your own.


Types of power of attorney letter examples include general power of attorney letters, health care power of attorney letters and financial power of attorney letters. Power of letter attorney examples can include language making the power of attorney immediate or effective upon a certain event, such as disability. Power of attorney examples should also specify whether the powers are durable (will not become invalid upon your physical or mental incapacity) or limited. Power of attorney letter examples can also vary by state.


A power of attorney letter should generally include basic information, such as the identity of the person granting the power of attorney and the person receiving it, a list of the powers granted to the agent, the durability of the power of attorney, any restrictions on the agent's powers and a statement of under what circumstances the power of attorney will be revoked. Power of attorney letters should also contain a section at the end of the document acknowledging that the document was witnessed by at least two individuals and a notary public.


        The benefits of a power of attorney letter example is simplicity. Most example power of attorney forms allow you to simply fill in the blanks with your own information. Power of attorney letter examples are also readily available on the Internet or at your local courthouse. Power of attorney letter examples are designed to include state-specific legal language that will allow you to create a document that will accomplish your needs without the hassle and expense of hiring an attorney.


Power of attorney letters are legal documents. Power of attorney letter examples, if properly executed, have the same legal effect as documents prepared or reviewed by an attorney. Accordingly, before filling out a power of attorney form or example, make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the fact that the document will give another individual substantial authority over your affairs. This authority could include, among other things, the right to spend your money, sell your belongings or enter into contracts on your behalf.

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